Scenic Byways

The Scenic Byways in Colorado are a collection of the best road trips Colorado has to offer. They are the road less traveled and often present the traveler with a unique an serendipitous oppotunity to connec to the place. Views are unparalelled and often span many mountain ranges or valley floors. Delta County has three Scenic Byways that pass along its roads. For a digital guide of all of the Byways in Colorado visit: Colorado Scenic Byways Guide.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway (Dinosaur Diamond) is located in eastern Utah and western Colorado. Three-quarters of the 512-mile loop are within Utah. The segment within Colorado was designated the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic and Historic Byway by the Colorado Transportation Commission on October 27, 1997. The segment within Utah was designated the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway by the Utah State Legislature in 1998.

Grand Mesa National Scenic and Historic Byway

Traverse countryside once used by the Utes for hunting grounds, where pioneers grazed cattle, and former Olympic skiers play. You will see why people, for decades, have loved the Grand Mesa. It's big... very big! You won't find crowds on the lakes, the trails are not congested and you can discover your own out-of-doors haven. The top of Grand Mesa ranges from 10,000 to 11,000 feet above sea level. The cool, green slopes covered with aspen. Engelmann spruce, and sub-alpine fir rise above the Western Colorado high desert like an alpine oasis in the sapphire sky. Your Colorado vacation starts here with fishing, lodges, trails, wineries, hunting, snowmobiling, and more. To learn more visit the Grand Mesa National Scenic and Historic Byway. You may want to visit the official Colorado Department of Transportations site for Byways as well.

West Elk Loop

The twin summits of Mount Sopris and the incomparable Black Canyon of the Gunnison anchor the ends of the West Elk Loop. This magnificent landscape has been home to uncounted generations of Native Americans, most recently the Utes. White settlers originally came in search of minerals and stayed to farm and ranch. The coke ovens at Redstone bear witness to the toil that built the communities of today. Carbondale, Hotchkiss, Crawford, Gunnison, Crested Butte, and other towns offer a slice of Colorado's rich history, varied lifestyles, and natural beauty. The route gives access to the White River and Gunnison National Forests, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument, Curecanti National Recreational Area, and Crawford and Paonia State Parks.